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Business Outline

Physical Guarding Security Services

We provide 24/7 physical guarding security services for the office premises of multi-national companies in Tokyo areas to protect their assets and safety of their staffs.

  • Following Security procedures of standard
    (Standing guard, Patrol, Monitor vigilance, etc.)
  • Undertaking security card operation using latest access control system
  • Provision of body guarding services for VIP visitors and/or event security
  • Emergency response to theft attempt and/ or disasters(earthquake/fires), initial response to Law Enforcement /Fire Dept. calls.

Provision of Total Security Card Management

Years of Experience of Security Card Management for Multi‐National Companies.
/ Especially in Financial sector
(Secure perfect, Picture perfect, Pro-watch, C-cure, Jeffery, etc.)

  • Experienced English-speaking Card Operators
  • Day to Day Card Operation
    Issuance, Access change,
    Deletion of Permanent cards and Temporary cards
  • Intelligibility of FSA Criteria Compliance, Chinese wall and Fire wall concept
  • Compliance of Monthly and Quarterly Security Access Report in English

About Us

Presently, more than 100 security officers are working day and night in the sites.

  • Average age: approx. 43 years old
  • Former-Self-Defense Force : approx. 15, Former Law Enforcement : 2
  • Certified Security Training Master : 8
  • Advanced First Aider : Requirement for all staffs
  • Security Card Operators : 10
  • TOEIC, high score holder : multiple

Service charge and Contact


For more details, Please contact us at;

GCS Service

Global Corporate Security Division (GCS)

9,Iwato-cho,Shinjuku-ku,Tokyo 162-0832 Japan