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Business Outline

Physical Guading Security Services

We are mostly providing 24/7 physical guarding security services for the office premises of multi-national companies in Tokyo to protect their assets and safety of their staff.

  • Following Security procedures of standard
    (Standing guard, Patrol, Monitor vigilance, etc.)
  • Undertaking security card operation using latest access control system
  • Provision of body guarding services for VIP visitors and/or event security
  • Emergency response to theft attempt and/ or disasters(earthquake/fires)(initial response and MPD/Fire station calls)

Provision of Total Security Card Management

Years of Experience of Security Card Management in Multi‐National Companies.
/ Especially of Financial sector
(Secure perfect, Picture perfect, Pro-watch, C-cure, Jeffery, etc.)

  • Experienced English-speaking Card Operators
  • Day to Day Card Operation
    Issuance, Access change,
    Deletion of Permanent cards and Temporary cards
  • Intelligibility of FSA Criteria Compliance, Chinese wall and Fire wall concept
  • Compliance of Monthly and Quarterly Security Access Report in English

Provision of Total Security Card Management

At present, more than 100 security officers are working day and night in the sites.

  • Average age: about 32.5 years old
  • Ex-Self-Defense Force : abt.20 Ex-MPD:2
  • Certified security training master: 8
  • Advanced first aider : all staff
  • Security card operators : 10
  • High TOEIC point holder :a lot

Service charge and Contact


For more details, Please contact us at;

GCS Service

Global Corporate Security Division (GCS)

3F seihu bldg, 11,Iwato-cho,Shinjuku-kku,Tokyo 162-0832 Japan